Welcome to our tutorial, Ready, Set, Geo, Get Going with GeoGebra.

What can you gain from this self guided tutorial?

  • Basic advice on how to get started with GeoGebra and links to more in depth technical information.
  • A chance to explore the potential of GeoGebra to support student-centered, activity based, active mathematics learning.
  • Information on how to access and join the strong GeoGebra user community.
  • How to make sense of the plethora of resources already available and how to assess the quality of these materials.
  • A selection of exemplary activities that you can use in your own classroom.
  • Advice on how to use GeoGebra as a collaborative tool.
  • An understanding of some of the challenges and alternatives to GeoGebra.

Thanks for checking out GeoGebra!

Lyndsay and Laura